Research Technology

Our motto is Chemistry in nature and our research is at the interface of chemistry, biology and material science. We strive to work in conjugating these fields of science for a better knowledge about nature.

Our research group is involved in synthesis of novel organic compounds and new materials – preferably nanomaterials. We explore new synthetic strategies to achieve the novel molecules of biological importance. We involve in fabrication of nanomaterials with unique properties and exploring them in the field of environmental, catalytic and bio-sensor applications.

New Approach Towards Synthesis Of Saccharide Moieties

Carbohydrate involves in a broad range of processes in our cells including bacterial and viral infections, development and growth of tumors, metastasis, tissue rejection, septic shock, etc. Many of these processes are directly associated with various deadly diseases viz., AIDS, cancer, meningitis, hepatitis and septicemia.

Elucidation of the exact mechanisms of carbohydrate involvement in disease progression would be further improved if we could rely on the comprehensive knowledge of the structure, conformation, and properties of the carbohydrate molecules. Also, the Saccharide portions of various classes of natural products function as key molecular recognition elements which are important to the biological properties of several natural products.

Our research group is involved in developing stereo selective methods and efficient strategies for the synthesis of complex carbohydrates critical in the field of glycosciences.

Exploring Novel Methodologies In Heterocyclic Chemistry

Naturally occurring heteroaromatic compounds are designed with interesting biological activities. The presence of these moieties in DNA and RNA has been inspiring synthetic organic chemist for several years.

Modified heteroaromatic moieties can act as signalling devices and also aids for better understanding the genetic information transmission. Similarly, epidemic transmission and life threatening infections emphasize the need for efficient strategies leading to the identification and development of potent drugs.

We explore in new methodologies for a facile synthesis of heterocyclic moieties designed with potent activity against epidemic transmissions.

New Approach Towards Synthesis Of Saccharide Moieties

Nanoscience has been attracting great attention in the past few decades owing to its potential applications in field of biological sciences.

Recent developments in nanotechnology have created a demand for advanced materials based on functional nanomaterials. Intrestingly nobel nanoclusters on different length scales exhibit various optical properties such as photoluminescence, surface plasmon resonance and Raman resonance.

As a result of its strong photoluminescence and its associated applications, we are focused on developing interesting nanomaterials as superior materials of biological importance towards welfare of human community.