Omcrl Are Professionals In Formulations Research And Development

Omcrl is an organization that affords drugs product contract research services and consultations on formulations of drugs, pharmaceutical new product, nano-delivery vehicle, dietary supplement, and pharmaceutical analytical chemistry. Our widespread expertise in the area of medicinal chemistry and contemporary r&d laboratories exclusively identifies us as your consultant to answer your needs in the area of formulation research and development needs. Our team focus on developing and enhancing projects that demand constructive consulting services - minimum scale formulations, pre-formulation development, stability, toxicity evaluation, clinical trials, process development, and analytical chemistry. Our services supports projects from start-ups to multinational corporations from early stage to approval by cdsco, fda and ema.

The pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries benefit from the expertise of our skilled chemists and engineers in drug formulations. Our research team has a wide experience in pharmaceutical development and manufacturing.

The company draws on its scientists with substantial experience in pharmaceutical formulation, analysis, and production, with a focus on products with major technical and manufacturing problems. this background, combined with our scientifically rigorous methodology, makes us uniquely qualified to handle all of your drug development requirements.

Please contact us to discuss your program and how we can assist you.